Ms. Redding was partially deaf until the age of 6 when an operation restored her hearing. From that moment on, she has been fascinated with every aspect of language production and has a keen sensitivity regarding intonation and stress patterns, facial expression and gesture. Shortly after her ear operation, Ms. Redding became an actress at the age of 8. This love for theatre has persisted, as she earned her B.A. in Theatre Arts from UCLA and is currently a Screen Actors Guild member, having worked in television and film. Ms. Redding also earned an M.A. in English Literature from UCLA, as well as her TESOL Certificate. In 1985, Ms. Redding began to develop her talents as a singer/songwriter. By 1988 she was a member of the National Academy of Songwriters and her songs have been recorded by such artists as Tanya Tucker and Kimberly Carter. In 1995, Ms. Redding (aka Jenny James) released her own original country CD to critical acclaim. Many of the songs are played on Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s nationally-syndicated talk show on KFI.