Harness the power of blockbuster movies to enhance the language acquisition of ESL/ELL students. Each volume contains three levels of reproducible lesson plans to accompany the following movies!*

"The Terminal"
"Liar Liar"
"Super Size Me"
"Mrs. Doubtfire"

"The Rookie"
"Cinderella Man"
"Green Card"
"Kate & Leopold"

Using The Hollywood Classroom will improve your students’—

Listening comprehension
Vocabulary acquisition
Comprehension and mastery of grammar concepts

The Hollywood Classroom © Rock Talk Inc. *The Hollywood Classroom must be used in conjuction with legally purchased DVDs of these movies and can under no circumstances be used in conjuction with illegally copied DVDs. Commercially released DVDs of these movies can be purchased at stores, or from our distributors. Section 110 title 17 of the U.S. copyright act allow teachers in public schools to screen legally purchased DVDs in class when the teacher in present (the face to face teaching exemption). To learn more about the face to face teaching exemption visit the U.S. Copyright office Website www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#110. Big © 2002 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC. Cindrella Man © 2005 Universal Home Video Inc. Green card © 1990 Buena Vista Home Entertainment Inc. Kate & Leopard © 2001 Buena Vista Home Entertainment Inc. Liar Liar © 1999 Universal Studios. Mrs. Doubtfire © 2006 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC. The Rookie © 2002 Disney Enterprises Inc. Super Size Me © 2004 Kathbur Pictures Inc. The Terminal © 2004 Dreamworks LLC. Twins © 1998 Universal Home Video Inc.